12 Jun 2008

Proccess commands

  • pflags: Prints the tracing flags, pending and held signals and other /proc status information for each LWP.
  • pcred: Prints credentials (ie, EUID/EGID, RUID/EGID, saved UID/GIDs).
  • pmap: Prints process address space map.
  • pldd: Lists dynamic libraries linked to the process.
  • psig: Lists signal actions.
  • pstack: Prints a stack trace for each LWP in the process.
  • pfiles: Reports fstat, fcntl information for all open files.
  • pwdx: Prints each process's working directory.
  • pstop: Stops process.
  • prun: Starts stopped process.
  • pwait: Wait for specified processes to terminate.
  • ptree: Prints process tree for process.
  • ptime: Times the command using microstate accounting; does not time children.

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