13 Jan 2015

Uploading large files to Oracle using curl.

Uloading large files through the MOS portal doesn't always work out. Use curl to upload the files instead.

curl -T "$UPLOAD" -o "$UPLOAD.out" -u "${USERID}:${UPSWD}" "https://transport.oracle.com/upload/issue/${SR}/${UPLOAD}"

09 Jan 2015

Super Cluster zone unavailable

Sometime after a reboot/crash the zonehome is unavailable.
Follow these steps to bring it back online.

zonecfg -z [ZONENAME] export > $HOME/zones/[ZONENAME].cfg
zfs set setuid=on [ZONENAME]
zfs set devices=on [ZONENAME]
zoneadm -z [ZONENAME] attach
zoneadm -z [ZONENAME] boot